I have always had a fascination with light and the way it inter plays with glass, from early memories as a child of the colored light moving across the floor and walls of our church .     

I started taking drawing classes after school when I was eight years old and have never stopped. working with metal casting and drawing in high school and after attending Center for Creative Studies .

I still attend life drawing classes regularly and have attended Philchuck Glass school for many years and have taken classes with many International artists.

I have studied and worked with glass for more than thirty years. As an artist working with glass it has allowed me a great deal of satisfaction , realizing my vision of that unique space that is special for the people that view or use it.

I have worked and studied many aspect of glass work. working in stained glass,  beveled glass, glass engraving.and etching. Much of my work now is what is considered warm glass work, kilnforming and casting.  I have taken all of my years of experience and apply it to the work I do now.